Dreamcast Internet Setup   

During the registration process, you will be asked whether you would like to sign up

with AT&T WorldNet Service. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on No Thanks, I have my own ISP. 

You will then see a screen detailing all the information you will need to obtain from your Internet Service Provider.  

We STRONGLY recommend that you record all this on page 8 of your manual so 

that you can quickly refer to it if needed. Follow the directions on-screen to enter all the necessary information.

Please carefully review to make sure that you did not make any mistakes while entering your information. 

Remember that your Dream cast considers lower-cased and upper-cased letters to be different. 

When you are sure that all information is correct, click on the Ok button. You are now ready 

to connect to the Internet. Click on the Enter button to start your first Internet session.

Once You Have an Internet Account, Now What? When you have established your account and connected 

to your ISP, you will first see the Dream cast Network home page. Explore the Dream cast Network

 by clicking on links with the A Button. If you wish to explore the World Wide Web, click on Search 

and then either enter a term to search for or enter a URL directly.

Information You will need to connect is as follows.

Your Real Name: ________________________

User Login:  yourusername@finalcom.net

Password: ______________________________ (make sure to keep this secret)

Dial up number: ______see access page___________________

Backup number: ________see access page________________



Dial Options

Area Code: your area code (716)

Long Distance Prefix: 1

Call Waiting: Prefix: *70,

Outside Dial Prefix: Only if you need to dial a # to access a outside line.

Dial: Tone or Pulse (usually tone)

Dial Area Code: On or Off (set to off)

Blind Dial: On or Off (off)

Proxy Settings

Use Proxy:  No

Proxy Server Name: 

Proxy Port:

Email Account: yourusername

Email Login: yourusername

Email Password: your password

Email Address: yourusername@finalcom.net

Incoming Server (Pop3): pop.finalcom.net

Outgoing Server (SMTP): smtp.finalcom.net



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Silver Creek NY. 14136
Fax 934-4914
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