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Win 95 Internet Mail Setup  

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Download our setup utility

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Final Communications now offers a Free Setup Utility to automatically setup your internet connection, You can download it and save it to a floppy disk then use it on another computer to setup your internet, or repair  a existing dialup or mail account that is not working properly.

Click Here to download it now.

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Domain Name:
Web Url:

POP Server:
SMTP Server:

acct name or email username is prefix of you email address

example if your email is your usernme is abcd

Domain email username is as follows

username.domain with no .com on the end

example domain username for mail would be something like norm.normsgarage (no dot com on end)

If you are not using our dialup you must set your  outgoin mail smtp to send on port 587

and check the box that says my server requires authentication.

News Server: not available

Dialup User Name:

Your E-mail Address: (your username and e-mail are the same)

For Personal Home Pages:
Web Server:
Your HTTP location:

For Domain-Named Home Pages:
Your Web Directory: /www.{}.com/

Download your free Telnet or FTP software, if you use a connection other than Finalcom your telnet or ftp client must be secure and support SSH or your connection will be refused.

We suggest WinSCP for FTP and Putty for Telnet Both are free and use 3DES Encryption. Also available for free download WinSCP 2.0 beta

Access Phone Numbers:
Please check the
Access Numbers page for a current listing of all Numbers.

Customer Service/billing Hours: Mon-Thur 11 am - 7:00 pm  Friday 11am-6pm (716) 934-4923

You can also reach us by email




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